Crossing Cook Strait was a dream, with the seas still calm ahead of the storm.  On deck was a different story though as there was a really cold wind blowing through, and it wasn’t pleasant to stay out there for too long.  Have to admit the ferry below wasn’t the one we crossed on – ours was a bit smaller.  Loved the mistiness of the hills as we sailed up the sounds, so I left that photo in a rather over-exposed state because I liked it that way.

cry of gulls
and the hills disappearing
in softness


We had rubbish weather all day today, until this evening when the wind dropped and we snatched the opportunity to take the dog for a walk…

outside the wind
fights around the doors
looks for a way in
screams with frustration
at the windows
heavy clouds
weigh down the sky
and thunder across the hills

in front of the fire
the dog stretches…