rain threatens this morning
so no camera on this walk
soggy underfoot, and
raindrops glisten
on every leaf

tide’s out on the river
three seagulls float,
lazily, on their reflections
red catkins on the willow
glowing green of new leaves

bluebells and nasturtiums
fight for supremacy
in a wild garden
the startling red of Rhododendrons
as the sun peeps out

Bert saluting
friends, and enemies
as he goes
fresh every morning
the delight of creation


still cool on our morning walk
seed-heads and dew on the grass
clouds building in the east
and a slight drizzle on the wind

still cool on our morning walk
curious cattle and an abandoned bike
roses on a picket fence
and ducks crossing the road

still cool on our morning walk
and never boring…

© Maureen Sudlow

Five photos – click on any one for more detail…