When I was a child, there was a big house opposite us – on the corner of the road – that had seen better days.  My first memories of it, in the early 1950’s, were after the owners had apparently sold up and the house was being rented out as two flats, one upstairs and one down.  We always knew it as the old Greer’s house.  (I wonder if there was a relationship between that and Greer’s Road in Christchurch).  I estimate it must have been built around 1900-1910, because the clothing on the occupants when the photographs were taken were definitely Edwardian.  Now the house is no longer there.  Somewhere, I can’t remember where, my family acquired some old glass photographic plates of the house in its heyday.  They were badly damaged but I managed to salvage some pictures from them.  So here they are – in remembrance of someone’s life.

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