Tried to capture some Tui shots down at Virginia Lake today, but they proved as elusive as usual, plus I still cannot walk very far.  But I loved the peeling bark and beautiful shapes of the eucalyptus with little glimpses of glossy feathers in between.

TUIS (with apologies to Joyce Kilmer ‘Trees’)

I think that I shall never see
a Tui clearly in a tree….

a tree with bark so loosely pressed
that hides a secret feather-dressed

a bird with plumage blue and green
with sculpted branches in between

poems are made by fools like me
but only Tuis hide in trees

© Maureen Sudlow


I am probably starting to be known around the neighborhood as the mad camera woman…

…as I strive to capture these camera-shy tui in the Kowhai trees.

Rod says he sees them flying out of the trees the minute they spot me.

I have planted a Kowhai tree in our back yard, but I don’t know if I’ve got enough years left to wait for it to grow.  Maybe I just need a better zoom!


We were briefly down at Victoria Lake the other day, and the cherry trees in the winter garden were full of tuis.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my zoom lens so couldn’t get any shots worth having.  I went down there again today but the cherry blossom was mostly over and the tuis had taken to the tops of the gum trees that were flowering.  I have put a note in my diary for next year to get there earlier!  The gums did look lovely though so not all was lost.

in the gums
parson birds


On a journey into nostalgia through the Manawatu, the greenness of the hills, the lush valleys, we arrive at the beginning of the Manawatu Gorge, a place of family memories, old slips and history.  The Gorge abounds with stories of hauntings – old Barney the road-man, the coach and four that went over the edge and still gallops through on moonlit nights.  And our own stories of skirting slips and of car-sick children.  We stop for a while at the start of the track to take some photographs.  With a sudden shine of blue and green a Tui alights on the flax in front of us.  This time he waits while I raise my camera.

blessings along the way
summer gift