We’ve had a stormy night, thunder and lightning, not to mention torrential rain.  So exciting to just lie cosy in bed and listen to the rain drumming on the iron roof, and watch the lightning flickering against the clouds.  For a while this morning we have had a little sunlight, which always looks doubly bright after the darkness…

after the storm
the reflection of


Traveling on the road towards Motueka, the damage done by the storm soon became apparent.

However, the worst damage was on the Takaka Hill itself.  Houses and property destroyed, and the road totally closed to traffic.  Rod’s sister and her husband live near the foot of the hill closest to Motueka, and we were able to get through to them past the roadblocks.  Initially their driveway had been destroyed and water supply cut off, but work parties had rebuilt a temporary driveway and set up a water supply for them.




We had rubbish weather all day today, until this evening when the wind dropped and we snatched the opportunity to take the dog for a walk…

outside the wind
fights around the doors
looks for a way in
screams with frustration
at the windows
heavy clouds
weigh down the sky
and thunder across the hills

in front of the fire
the dog stretches…