We were hoping for good views of Ruapehu in Ohakune, but the weather wasn’t the best – so just glimpses.  I wondered facetiously whether they would refund the money for our mountain view unit, but Rod said they had a notice on the desk stating that they would not refund money if it rained or failed to snow.  Come to think of it, they didn’t mention cloud…

only    when the cloud lifts
mountain view


You are never far from a mountain in New Zealand.  Ruapehu was lurking on the horizon as we travelled between Whanganui and Bulls yesterday.  Snow on the mountain and a misty sky meant it was difficult to capture, but I managed a couple of shots.  Loved the foreground in this one as well, with the yellow flowers and fences.

the mountain


Driving to our grandson’s wedding, we fled up the country as the roads were closed  behind us by snow, slips and ice.  A day later and we wouldn’t have made it.  The storm hit with a vengeance the following day, and we wondered how it would be for the wedding.  About an hour or so before the ceremony there was a rainbow, and by the time we gathered the rain had stopped.

Coming home the sky was clear and blue, and the roads opened ahead of us.  The mountains were beautiful in the sun.  So blessed.

Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu are the volcanoes of the Central Plateau, beloved in Maori legend.