finger pointing between the major powers
while children die in the rubble of their argument
morality buried under power struggles
by the bombs they claim not to have dropped
and the world watches, helpless to stop
this blasphemy, against humanity, against God
and our prayers bounce off the uncaring sky

I will not share the photographs of this suffering…we have all seen them.  This is humanity’s shame.


I normally stay away from political matters on my blog, but in this case I have to speak out.


I am deeply concerned about the impact of the TPPA on the future of New Zealand. From my observations, and the observations of some very astute people, we will definitely be:

Restricting our ability to stop foreign ownership of our land and housing.
Restricting our ability to protect our resources from exploitation by big Corporates.
Restricting our ability to protect our environment.
Increasing the cost of medication.
Restricting our ability to make sovereign decisions where these appear to impinge on the rights of foreign Corporates, particularly in the fields of health and welfare.

It seems to me that perceived gains will be negligible against the losses.
I am reminded of a Biblical story where Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for the immediate perceived benefit of a good meal… (Genesis 25-26)

NZ flag


I am sick of hearing the words ‘child poverty’. We aren’t talking child poverty here – we are talking ‘family poverty’. I am sick of the idea that if we just throw handouts at the problem it will go away. It will only go away if we drastically improve the lot of working families in this country. We have a Government sitting smugly on their hands while the income inequality in this country continues to skyrocket. I am sick of politicians who value expedience over people. Wake up New Zealand!

child poverty
MP’s get another pay rise
child poverty
and the Government
sells off more State housing
child poverty
Health Boards facing
more budget cuts
child poverty
but we can’t afford
to pay workers
a decent living wage
child poverty
let’s throw a few million
at the latest flag referendum
child poverty
swept under the carpet
with their families

© Maureen Sudlow


Interpretations of the truth
seem to differ day by day,
especially in the Beehive
where our politicians play

‘Oh no, I never knew that’
is such a common cry,
when everybody present knows
it’s just another lie.

And even when some truth comes out
they all prevaricate
and claim it wasn’t really them
‘Not my Department mate’.

And promises are something else
that politicians love to make
but promises, like crockery
are only made to break

Perhaps, above the common mob
they see themselves as free
to make their lies into the truth
and toss them out with glee.

– but we still don’t believe them…

© Maureen Sudlow


– and for those who are not New Zealanders, the Beehive is the name given to the place where our Parliament sits – for obvious reasons…