You are never far from a mountain in New Zealand.  Ruapehu was lurking on the horizon as we travelled between Whanganui and Bulls yesterday.  Snow on the mountain and a misty sky meant it was difficult to capture, but I managed a couple of shots.  Loved the foreground in this one as well, with the yellow flowers and fences.

the mountain


(for Cindy)

You had already left the room
before, they turned off
those machines.

Beeping, beeping.

I had never realized
how smooth your skin
how beautiful your hair

and, around your ankle
a bracelet of tattooed cats
still dancing.

Beeping, beeping.

I thought you might
open your eyes, and laugh
at our dull faces.

I looked for you
in the corners of the room
but there was only silence

as the machines stopped

and in our hearts
we remember

© Maureen Sudlow


This is a haibun for Dverse Poets – today the theme is water…

I stand on the corner, waiting for the bus, rain or shine.  Today it has been raining all night and I have to skip around the puddles as I cross the road.  The trucks rumble past, wipers flashing, and hissing of tires as they go.  Without warning, one takes a sudden swerve towards the kerb where a large pool of water has gathered.  Suddenly I am inundated, soaked from head to toe.  The driver flashes me a triumphant smile before I squelch back home to change…

always a joker
in the pack

Photo by Wayne Ray – Own work, Public Domain, Wikimedia


rain threatens this morning
so no camera on this walk
soggy underfoot, and
raindrops glisten
on every leaf

tide’s out on the river
three seagulls float,
lazily, on their reflections
red catkins on the willow
glowing green of new leaves

bluebells and nasturtiums
fight for supremacy
in a wild garden
the startling red of Rhododendrons
as the sun peeps out

Bert saluting
friends, and enemies
as he goes
fresh every morning
the delight of creation