(for Cindy)

You had already left the room
before, they turned off
those machines.

Beeping, beeping.

I had never realized
how smooth your skin
how beautiful your hair

and, around your ankle
a bracelet of tattooed cats
still dancing.

Beeping, beeping.

I thought you might
open your eyes, and laugh
at our dull faces.

I looked for you
in the corners of the room
but there was only silence

as the machines stopped

and in our hearts
we remember

© Maureen Sudlow


Promised this to Leonard Durso


my old phone had a memory
with numbers saved
to ring my family

sometimes I would push the buttons
for my mother
even though I knew
that she was no longer there

just knowing her number
was still on my phone

then the phone got too old
as my mother had
and now I have a new phone
with no memories

(from my new poetry book – coming out shortly)