Met up with an old friend we knew from Teapot Valley days.  He is now a Chaplain at Ohakea RNZAF Base, so he invited us out to look over the old place again.  Unfortunately no flying going on the moment because of the current fuel crisis in New Zealand, but we did manage to visit our old married quarters, look over the Air Force ‘Marae’ on base (known as the Tūrangawaewae because people from many different tribes share this place), and visit the Base Chapel.  So many changes.  The old gatehouse has been replaced by a modern up-to-date electronically operated system, but the swimming pool and Officer’s Mess still the same.  Hope to go out again on a better day, and when they are flying.  Unfortunately I had the wrong camera lens on my camera but did get some shots…

…hope to post some more shots of those wonderful stained glass windows shortly.


for dVerse Poets

We have a smaller garden now that is far from perfect.  Gardening here is fraught with peril.  We plant seedlings, only to have them immediately dug up by the neighbourhood cats.  We have tried everything – cat repellent, cayenne pepper, bark chips, rocks – you name it!  Unfortunately it seems that many of our cat-owning neighbours are not much into gardens, so ours becomes a magnet for cats seeking easy digging.  Consequently there seem to be more rocks than plants in our garden.

We also have an old, rusted corrugated iron fence that most would call ugly, but the textures on it fascinate me.  And the plainest of plants have a beauty of their own, casting green shadows in the evening.

not always in the eye
of the beholder