New Zealand’s longfin eels (Anguilla dieffenbachia)

The longfin eels of New Zealand are a unique and threatened species with a precarious future.  They can take 20 or more years to reach maturity, and reproduce only once In their lives.  Once they are mature they leave their freshwater homes and swim many miles out to sea where the eggs are laid and fertilized.  They then drift back to New Zealand on the ocean currents, eventually swimming upstream to restart the life cycle.

sunlight on water
hiding place


I cannot describe the total peace of walking among these wonderful trees along the river.  Today we paid some back by planting some feijoas and a little golden macrocarpa at our place.  Loved being visited by two Kereru today as well, but Bert blotted his copy book by chasing them… He has received a stern warning.

the beauty
of trees in autumn