beauty can often
stay hidden from our sight
when we focus on the darkness
of the trees

but when our vision
broadens, just sometimes
we catch a glimpse
of what really is

Still haven’t been able to capture those elusive Eastern Rosellas…

Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella2

…did you see his tail?  The blackbird is much more obliging.


not to mention my friendly Kereru…


four photographs


Back from a walk by the river, and I think there might be kereru in the loquat, but when I get there with my camera they burst out in a flurry of loud flapping and take refuge in a nearby tree. Never mind – I’ll share a few photos from my walk instead.

windy day, and the kereru
are plundering the loquats, again
my washing is trying to break free
and there’s dust rising over the river

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