When all beneath heaven abides in love
we work the fields with song and dance
but when all beneath heaven forgets love
war-horses rage across the land

What misery is greater than a lack of contentment
and what greed greater than the passion for gain

holding contentment within
there is where the secret lies

after Tao Te Ching (6th Century BC)



Spent the morning emptying and clearing cupboards in preparation for the start of our kitchen renovations.  Lots of things that are past their use-by date, and other bits and pieces that haven’t been used since we came to Whanganui, got tossed.  The pantry was emptied, and pots and pans re-stacked.  And at the end of all of this we hope to have a new kitchen.

I got to thinking about renewal in general, and God’s statement that one day He will make all things new, and all that rubbish that causes so much pain will be thrown out…




God is not dead,
nor does he cause
the trials and losses
of this life.
He does not stand aside
at the time of suffering,
but enters in
with us.

He is not the froth
of waves thundering
after the storm.
He cannot be controlled
by ritual or demands,
nor does he gloat
over the hurt
of sinners.

He is not in the spilt blood
of our children
or the thunder of bombs,
God cannot be defined
by our desires,
nor is he in the burning slag
of hatred and greed.

God is…

© Maureen Sudlow

For the DVerse poets them ‘via negativa’