Quite a mixture today – poured all night, meeting in the morning, and then some more work on the kitchen – plus a visit from the technicians to update our HRV system. By 3 o’clock there was some clear sky so we were able to take Bert for a walk. Think we’ll sleep well tonight. Fascinated by textures on our walk so I’ve shared a few with you…


We’ll know as children again all that we are
destined to know, that the water is cold
and deep, and the sun penetrates only so far”
~ Jim Harrison from Death Again

beyond the sun
and the cold of the deep
another warmth beckons
and through the water
a path opens
that even a child can find
so we discover
the unknown is no longer
a mystery
but familiar as the womb
of a mother

…for day 18 of Jilly’s 28 days of unreason