The Pelorus Bridge is in a beautiful area of native forest, now classified as a scenic reserve.  The forest includes beech, podocarp and broadleaf species, and is home to a variety of native and introduced birds.  It also has a population of endangered native bats.  As you will see from the photographs it had been, and still was, raining heavily when we visited.  I would love to go back and walk some of the tracks in good weather.

The Pelorus Sound and River were originally known to Maori as Te Hoiere.  According to Maori tradition Te Hoiere was one of the great canoes of the migrations that settled New Zealand.


Warmth and wet weather.  It may be autumn but there’s lush new growth everywhere.  The beans are beaning again, and even the Bay tree is leaping into new growth.  The down side is that there are lots of pests about, and my lovely Hydrangeas have got mould.  I’m hoping the colder, dryer weather will turn them around, but any suggestions are welcomed.

green on green
bringing out the Irish
in my garden