Another rave review for Fred…

Well I took your 2 books to Perth for my Grandies and they loved them, was so lovely to hear them reciting “and the ducks were chasing puddles in a happy little gang” everytime we got to that page, what a great idea to repeat something where the kids feel like they can read and interact with the story. My little Grandson (3 yrs old) Jack, that lives here, thinks the whole story is about him and our little dog, very cool. Both books are great, the first one you did was all of the adults in the family’s favorite, we can all remember having an imagination like that. And loved that its so NZ.

If you want your copies just message me with my ‘contact’ form…just-fred-001



I will be starting to send ‘Fred’ out to those who have already ordered a copy next week, so please message me at to give me your address and to arrange payment. Congratulations to those people who will be receiving a free copy of ‘Fred and the Dragon’.

The books arrive from the printer this coming Monday, and will cost $NZ20.00 each, with free postage for New Zealand and Australia.  Fred would love to travel further so contact me on my ‘get in touch’ button above to inquire.  Payment can be made through Paypal.

I am intending to give $2 from every book I sell to the Northland Emergency Services Trust for the Rescue Helicopter.  I’ll keep you updated with that.

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Really excited that the next Fearless Fred will be out in good time for Christmas. Pre-order now so you don’t miss out, and only pay the special pre-order price of $NZ18.  The first ten orders for my new book will receive a FREE copy of Fearless Fred and the Dragon. He’s getting rave reviews from his fans. I’ll let you know when this latest book is in the shops. Meanwhile message me to order.  Post free within New Zealand…



Christmas is coming, so my Australian and American friends can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate to purchase ‘Fearless Fred and the Dragon’ for just $(NZ)22 and ‘Antipodes’ for just $(NZ)25.  Both of those prices include postage…

Read what others have to say about these books:

My two and a half year old grandson Riley loves your book about Fearless Fred and the Dragon. He loves it when the possums turn into dragons. And he is thrilled to bits when he sees the tomato sauce bottle on the table, because at the moment he wants tomato sauce on everything he eats! And I like the way that you have ended the book by Fred riding off with “The End” on the back of the saddle. We wait for Fred’s next adventure. Leonie Flemming

Why I Like Fearless Fred and the Dragon and Why You Should Read It:

  • It is disarmingly humorous.  The illustrations and poetry have such a romantic and dramatic feel to them, that when he does confront his dragon, it is so surprising you can’t help but laugh.  Not giggle, not chuckle, but wholeheartedly laugh.
  • The illustrations are magnificent and compliment the verse perfectly.  Each spread of bold, rich colors alternates between what an onlooker would see with what Fred is feeling as his rides his tricycle in search of adventure.
  • The syncopation of the poetry and the illustrations is perfectly done.
  • This book is only good things — an adventure, a dramatic climax, and fish and chips for tea afterwards.
  • My son could not have enjoyed this book more!  He had me read it to me countless times and I’ve heard him quote lines from the book while playing.
  • Readers of all ages will be struck by the beauty, simplicity, and universality of this book.
  • Fearless Fred and the Dragon is a sweet book that spurs the imagination with a quiet but unique flare that could only come from the wonderful country of New Zealand.

from The Picture Book Review

…and for Antipodes

Maureen Sudlow’s new book – her first poetry collection – is a balanced combination of haibun, photos, and a variety of free verse and rhymed styles. Most of the photos were taken by the author and these, along with the use of colour, give the book a relaxed, summery feel, even though the contents tend to be valedictory in many ways.
Mary Cresswell

Maureen Sudlow’s work crackles with detail, her poems like crisp autumn leaves.
Owen Bullock

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