A walk along the river again.  Now the beautiful colours of autumn trees are added to the river reflections.  A fantail accompanied us on our walk, but of course I didn’t have the right lens, and he was flitting from branch to grass and back again.  At one point he was sitting only about six inches from my feet, but only for an instant.

cold light
above the river
fantail darting

You may be able to spot our little friend – well camouflaged among the leaves.



Wednesday and Thursday were days for birds.  On Wednesday we found a little Kingfisher in a ditch, obviously unable to fly, but still seeming pretty perky.  We took him over to the Native Bird Rescue Center in Whangarei, and I expect he’ll make a full recovery.

through the bars

in the cat cage

getting help

safely delivered.

On Thursday I was happily working in my office when I heard loud cheeps in my ear.  A little fantail (piwakawaka) was flitting happily around my head.  He then left, flew back down the hall, through the sitting room and out the open door.  I love the way these cheeky little birds don’t panic in the house.  Unfortunately he was gone before I could get a photograph.  I feel so privileged to be able to have these lovely birds around.