We’ll know as children again all that we are
destined to know, that the water is cold
and deep, and the sun penetrates only so far”
~ Jim Harrison from Death Again

beyond the sun
and the cold of the deep
another warmth beckons
and through the water
a path opens
that even a child can find
so we discover
the unknown is no longer
a mystery
but familiar as the womb
of a mother

…for day 18 of Jilly’s 28 days of unreason


“The hardest part is when the river
is too swift and goes underground for days on end”  

~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason  for Day 14 of Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason

so, for a time
the song is hidden
from my listening ears
but still there
deep down
wandering the caverns
of my dreams

and I am left
dizzied by love
until overcome once more
by the swiftness
of your flow




God is not dead,
nor does he cause
the trials and losses
of this life.
He does not stand aside
at the time of suffering,
but enters in
with us.

He is not the froth
of waves thundering
after the storm.
He cannot be controlled
by ritual or demands,
nor does he gloat
over the hurt
of sinners.

He is not in the spilt blood
of our children
or the thunder of bombs,
God cannot be defined
by our desires,
nor is he in the burning slag
of hatred and greed.

God is…

© Maureen Sudlow

For the DVerse poets them ‘via negativa’