Been a sad day here today.  Two whales, a mother and her calf, got stranded on the beach near Dargaville.  Rescuers did all they could but sadly the baby died.  They were trying to refloat the mother today but not hopeful now as high tide has passed.  I guess that poor mother just couldn’t bear to leave her baby… I wrote her a Karakia.

Bless O Lord, Leviathan
tossed out from the sea
called by her calf
on the dangerous strands.

Pity for a mother
bereft of her child
and those who labor
to save her life.

Whale song drifting
on the tides


Woke up this morning and saw this out the window. Rushed out half asleep in the dark with the camera – fiddled with the adjustments without being able to see them, and spent the next half hour trying to find out what I’d done!! The first photo isn’t bad, but the second is the result of brain fade…

…and here it is