March 2011, the earth convulsed
painting destruction and grief
across the shores of Japan
destroying our belief in safety

turmoil of sea and mud
leaving only mementos of life
among the debris, photos and shoes
speaking tongueless to a horrified world

A sea that seems so peaceful
nurturing our planet on its waves
became a raging fury
images seared on minds and hearts
futile sea-walls shattered
tossed aside like Christmas toys

but after the horror
ongoing devastation
that threatens our world
with contaminated water
nuclear meltdown
radioactive food

and now…
they claim they’ve found the answer
they can stop this leak
with ice pipes and walls
they say they’re winning
but there’s still panic
in the halls of power

and the people can’t go home
and the fishermen are afraid
of their catch.

and I keep remembering that story
‘On the Beach’…

under the ground
water leaking softly
black swan

breaking wave4