We have just returned from Australia today, and so much to do…  However, I couldn’t resist sharing these photos of the wonderful splendid fairywren (Malurus splendens) which is my favourite Australian bird.  The little bright blue bird is a male in breeding plumage.  Non-breeding males, females and juveniles are predominantly grey-brown in colour, and this makes it difficult to be sure which are the females.  I did get one photo of that grey-brown plumage, unfortunately not a good one, but it does show the difference…

This is an extremely darting little bird, rather like our fantails, so I feel lucky to have managed these shots.


Tried to capture some Tui shots down at Virginia Lake today, but they proved as elusive as usual, plus I still cannot walk very far.  But I loved the peeling bark and beautiful shapes of the eucalyptus with little glimpses of glossy feathers in between.

TUIS (with apologies to Joyce Kilmer ‘Trees’)

I think that I shall never see
a Tui clearly in a tree….

a tree with bark so loosely pressed
that hides a secret feather-dressed

a bird with plumage blue and green
with sculpted branches in between

poems are made by fools like me
but only Tuis hide in trees

© Maureen Sudlow