It’s that season again, where you accidentally grab cicadas when you’re un-pegging your washing,  the woolly aphids are decorating the apple tree with white candy-cotton – and there are always two or three bees at once down the throats of the pumpkin flowers.

bumble-footed bees
stumble, stoned
among the pumpkin flowers
their stripes disappearing
in yellow dust

© Maureen Sudlow



I don’t know the name of this palm tree growing on our property.  The fruit is like Nikau fruit, but it’s not Nikau.  Last year the wood pigeons tore into it, but this year the beautiful red berries are being wasted.  The flowers are full of bees, and if you stand by the tree there’s a constant humming.  It’s tall and the flowers are over a meter from the ground so getting these pictures wasn’t easy – and despite the business of the bees, I think I only managed to catch one.  See if you can spot it.  I just love the fecundity of this tree, and the berries hang like beautiful bead curtains.  Just click on any image to enlarge.


out there
attracting with bright colours
the warmth of summer


I am not at my best today as, ironically, one of things that I love about my garden – bees – stung me yesterday, so I spent about five hours in the local hospital last night.  I am extremely allergic to bee-stings, but hadn’t been stung for many years so probably got a bit blase.