I was prompted by a post from a fellow blogger to share my certainty that we are often visited by ‘angels unaware’.  This story is reasonably long, but true, so I will attempt to just lay out the facts.

Rod and I were enjoying his early retirement from the Air Force, and running on a few cattle on a steep West Coast hillside.  Rod was fencing with a friend one day, when he noticed his mate flying up the hill swatting wildly around his ears.  Apparently an old post he’d taken out ready for replacement had been the plug in the doorway of a very active wasps’ nest.

‘No probs’, said Rod.  ‘I’ll head up here when it’s getting dark and burn the nest out.’

Accordingly, after tea we both set out in the truck, and Rod trotted up the hill armed with petrol and matches.  In time-honoured fashion he poured in the gas, stood back, and tossed a match.  There was a satisfactory explosion, and, being a prudent man, Rod stood back until the fire was entirely out.  All would have been well if he had not decided to drop the new post into the hole before he left.  Unknowingly he knocked a residue of petrol down onto a hot spot…

There was another flash, and there they were – Rod and the post – both on fire.  Naturally Rod put out the fire on the expensive post before really thinking about the fact that he also was on fire.

Lots of things happened after that, but to get back to that topic of entertaining angels unawares:

Right at the point where Rod was on fire his Mother, many miles away in Fielding, answered a knock on her door.  The two men standing on the doorstep were wanting to talk with her about spiritual things.  The first miracle was that she didn’t immediately slam the door in their faces, the second that she ended up surprising herself by inviting them in.  (Rod’s Mum was an extremely private person in the days when you never invited strangers into your house.)  During a chat, they asked her about her family, and she told them about Rod, down on the West Coast.  They then offered to pray for Rod with her.  She was not in the habit of praying publicly, but amazed herself again by agreeing.  The men left and she never saw them again, despite making some discreet inquiries around local churches.

Rod’s recovery from his burns was nothing short of miraculous, and you will never be able to convince me that his Mum was not praying for him with two angels right when he needed it most.

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O Holy Night
when love and mercy met
and gifted to our world
the greatest blessing yet
A night when angels sang
a greeting to the Son
and shepherds came in awe
to see the Holy one.

The starlight and the music
that filled the earth that night
can still be found in echoes
of His love that shone so bright
persevering through the ages
and holding back the hate
and finding place in human hearts
before it is too late.

And as He stooped in love
into a humble shed
He brought hope to the world
where gathering darkness fled.
So listen as the Church bells
ring out the ancient joy
and Mary, full of wonder
holds again her baby boy.

© Kiwiskan