Super moons can deliver more than moonlight…

I’ve got my camera outside hoping for a glimpse of the super moon, but the high cirrus blurs itself across the moon’s features.  I snap off a few shots anyway – after all it hasn’t been this close to the earth in years, and maybe I won’t be around for the next one.   There’s a planet up there as well and an ominous red tinge to the cloud…

earth tides
shaking the land

Monday haibun

New Zealand Music Month: “all it takes is one song to bring back 1000 memories”

had to share this – always loved the song…



May is NZ Music Month.

For those of you outside NZ (expats excepted), it’s understandable if you don’t know that New Zealand music totally rocks. For a small nation, we produce some extraordinarily talented musicians.

Although I’ll never stop feeling Scottish, I haven’t actually lived in the country of my birth since I was a child. So the soundtrack of my life features a lot of Kiwi music.

This month I’m going to have a little musical nostalgia trip. Maybe not every day, but as inspiration takes me, I’ll post a song and maybe a little about what it means to me.

I have to start with Poi E; one of the most joyous pieces of music I know. Sung entirely in Maori, this was a huge hit in 1984, and remains an important way-point in our nation’s musical history.

I’d love you to join me in this impromptu…

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