Already getting set for the arrival of that big low here today, but went up to Waverley for a quick visit to the beach there.  Bert had a ball, chasing waves, digging, and just generally leaping around.  Black sands and lots of driftwood plus a few fossils.  Windy and moist, but not cold.

black sand
and wild sea
dog dancing


Along the wilder reaches of the river I always expect to meet Toad or Ratty messing about in boats.  But all we usually find is pumice and driftwood brought down by the last flood tide.  I love the brightness of clover and dandelions that have a precarious foothold on the mud-banks.  Bert busies himself with all sorts of wonderful smells, and we have to keep a weather eye out to make sure he doesn’t roll in any of the more interesting ones.

along the summer river