Added one too many flowers here, but did a correction afterwards.  Not sure which one is better – although I am just messing around really…

…and the photography never seems the same.  Just learned that the ‘petals’ on daisies are actually separate florets, and the centers are composed of a different kind of floret.

7 thoughts on “STILL PLAYING…

  1. I like your style, especially the colors reminds me of Van Gogh. He loved using oranges, yellows, and browns in his paintings. Like him, you have long strokes and the center of the picture jumps out. I had to share, I enjoy looking at your paintings. Cheers.

  2. How interesting about the daisy florets. I can’t decide which I like better. I sort of like the shadowed hidden flower in the first one, but the second one seems more focused – a clearer feeling to it.

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