How long will the land mourn and the grass of every field be withered? Because of the evil of its residents, the animals and birds have been swept away, for the people have said, “He cannot see what our end will be.” Jeremiah 12:4 Holy Bible


12 thoughts on “FOR THE EARTH…

    • if we don’t stop exploiting everything this is where we are heading. Already many animals and birds have become extinct, and others close to it… We need to value what we have

      • I 100% agree. The people who are exploiting have a vested interest in not understanding the effects of what they’re doing. There’s a human tendency to mock what one doesn’t understand. They are insane. Willfully destructive. Thus we have a perfect storm. They think we are the crazy ones. They will do anything to prove that. Of course, we are not crazy. We are, however, desperate. The desperation may make us look crazy. There are people in the middle who can be persuaded through aesthetics. Beauty. It has the strongest spiritual appeal of anything. Jesus remained exceptionally calm, but still persuasive, in the face of evil. We can learn from Him. Calm, but persuasive. The keyword is calm. Keep pointing out he beauty of our world and invite others to appreciate it. Get others to do the same. “Meek” does not mean submissive. It means calmly strong.

      • There was a post today by Ms. Liz about a mining operation in Otego that wrenched my stomach. Lots of polite, dignified, but nonetheless forceful mail to those people couldn’t hurt.

      • It is interesting to note that when I wrote my long post the other evening I was watching the movie “Avatar,” which is about the same basic subject. Much of the production of that movie took place in New Zealand.

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