We are now wearing the remains of the Australian heatwave, that has wafted its way across the Tasman Sea.  Dog walks happen early, before the temperatures rise too far, and our main activity seems to be watering the garden…

laid back
all of us

taken during a visit to Virginia Lake

11 thoughts on “HEAT WAVE…

  1. Maureen,
    Family Kiwidutch are entering the third week without heating after our heat pump had terminal failures. NOW we find out that older Dutch houses are not suited to heat pumps. Pity the company who took Euro 17.000,– of our money didn’t tell us. We have had problems since installation (now we now why), then the first company went bust and the second one kept replacing parts and rehashing stuff. Euro 800,– there, 3.500,– here, 17.000,– the list went on, as well as a yearly bill of Euro 600,– to clean and test everything before every winter! They had us over a barrel.
    Two weeks ago on Friday the system terminally, dies, zero heat in the house and we were quoted over Euro 3.000 for new motherboards/processors etc. After that came a quote for a brand new heat pump system (complete rehash, old pipes out, new in, stronger, improved, more reliable pumps etc etc) with a cost of Euro 22.500,– !!!
    Not a word from the new company about how even their new heat pumps are STILL not suited to old Dutch houses. They MUST know because we found out that as a clean energy text initiative, heat pumps were put into houses like ours by several city councils around the country and every single one of them has problems, breakdowns, repairs and the houses are still not properly warm. I’m sure that the “industry” here must be aware of such a big fail.
    Going green and trying to be ahead of the “death of gas in 2025-2030” has cost us dearly, so instead of throwing good money after bad we will now have gas central heating installed and hopefully we will go in 5-8 years from Ground gas to Bio gas. At least in the meantime we might be warm during the winter.
    Our next problem is finding a plumber to install an entire central heating system from scratch at very, very, short notice. Good plumbers are booked up 3-4 months in advance We have a good one, closest timescale to start work because of the urgent situation = beginning March. We are making do with little fan heaters in a couple of rooms the meantime and let’s say that this winter really sucks.

    I SOOOOO miss being in NZ and enjoying the summer heat !!! It might be a heat wave but what I wouldn’t give for that right now!!! Enjoy a long cold drink of lemonade (or whatever your tipple) and relax in the shade. if only we could share heat/cold around the world, THAT would make someone like me very, very happy and probably someone else very rich. Importing sunshine and warmth… we just have to make do with warm thoughts and words and sunny photographs.
    Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  2. Maureen,
    Companies have you under the thumb, you want heat, they have it.

    You want to do the right thing: we switched from old gas heaters to the heat pumps because Kiwi Daughter burnt herself on one of the gas ones when she was little. When we bought the house the kid bedrooms had ancient unsafe heaters in them that needed renewing but even the new ones could not be covered in any way so one mistake with clothes/paper would mean a house fire, and Himself and I sleep on a different floor… radiators were supposed to be on the way out so we thought we would go green early, ergo heat pumps.
    It’s cost us dearly. The company that installed everything went bust is probably no longer liable for anything, attempting to chase them would cost thousands in lawyer fees…

    We have 80% double glazing and will do the rest now when the radiators go in, ditto ceiling insulation (upgrade). Then re-paint the rooms as well to do everything in one go. Yes, the Government SHOULD step in and regulate this better but with so much to do on achieving the targets of the Paris climate accord, chasing things down for one lone “little guy” (or even more “little guys”) is hardly going to be a priority.

    We did the wrong thing for the very best of reasons and the sooner we accept that it’s water under the bridge and get on with making the best of the situation now the better. It’s a bitter pill to have to swallow though.
    The tiny electric heaters will have to stay a few months by the look of it, and snow predicted today… I’m certain that it’s no surprise that all my recent dreams are taking place in tropical locations!!!
    Let’s hope for a smooth installation when the central heating guys get here eventually. 🙂

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