A haibun on change and transitions for Dverse poets

It was a gypsy life in the Air Force – home was always wherever we hung our hats.  We got used to hanging new curtains, digging new gardens, meeting new neighbours, and the children survived a succession of schools and friendships.  They grew up and left home, and still we travelled on, just on our own this time.

Then for a while we put down roots in a wild and lovely place, built a barn, built a life and a church.  So many good friends, none of them rich or even very famous, all of them special.  The gifted years, treasure beyond treasure stored up as memories.  Until we got older, and the children were too far away, and the distances too great.

This time the wrench of leaving was something we felt, like a tree being pulled from good earth.  Pieces of our hearts left behind among the mountains and sea-spray.  A different transition.

you and I
always moving on

36 thoughts on “TRANSITIONS

  1. I had a gypsy childhood myself, emerging as a Type A extrovert out of self defence. Now with three grown children and 8 grandchildren, we are fortunate to having two daughters living close to us. The one that lives on the east coast tugs at our heart; such is life.

  2. What an interesting gypsy life in the Air Force.

    The leaving becomes more and more difficult as we become older. I guess because the planting of roots and friendships are deeper and become more special.

  3. I was never in an occupation that required me to move, but I still ended up moving more often than I planned, for practical reasons. I am really hoping that retirement has ended all that.

  4. I love everyting thing about this piece! The idea of that wrenching move — like the actual pulling up of roots. And the idea of the “you and I” being the one constant throughout it all. Just a great take on the prompt.

  5. Sounds like my life. Five houses in four towns with three babies in two states with one dog. All in the five years we’ve been married so far. I long for that sense of community you found, but who knows God’s will for us.

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