God is not dead,
nor does he cause
the trials and losses
of this life.
He does not stand aside
at the time of suffering,
but enters in
with us.

He is not the froth
of waves thundering
after the storm.
He cannot be controlled
by ritual or demands,
nor does he gloat
over the hurt
of sinners.

He is not in the spilt blood
of our children
or the thunder of bombs,
God cannot be defined
by our desires,
nor is he in the burning slag
of hatred and greed.

God is…

© Maureen Sudlow

For the DVerse poets them ‘via negativa’

20 thoughts on “HE IS…

  1. I was taught “through him all things are made.” Matthew, but may be a tad off… So I have always said that, like Buddhism, it is all one and god is in everything, even the storms that kill. I don’t see how God can be separated. At one time, early on in Catholic school, I got into a whole lotta trouble because I said that “if God is all powerful, why not stop the evil?” That was before I’d read the old testament…

    • Everything and everyone is a part of God’s creation, but there is a battle going on between good and evil. The choices are ours. That question you asked in Catholic school should not have got you in trouble. It is a question often asked. However, what confuses a lot of people is that they believe that God has total control over all outcomes in this world – good, bad or indifferent, when in reality there are many other factors that come into play. This is a fallen world. Ultimately God is sovereign, but evil has not yet been totally routed yet. For myself, it is enough to know that whatever happens, He is my salvation. He sent His Son to prove how much He cares for each one of us. Sorry if this sounds like a sermon, but it is not always easy to put these things into words. Maybe I need to write another poem…

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