We journeyed down the Kaikoura Coast ahead of the coming storm, and the weather was warm and sunny.  Everywhere there was evidence of the damage done in the catastrophic 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.  Many of the rocks now visible were once under the sea, as the land was forced upwards by about 2 meters.  There was also northward movement along the main fault line of 1-2 meters.  Seal and bird colonies were totally disrupted, and falling rocks and huge landslips forced the closure of both the road and rail links.

As we journeyed south I noted a seal colony on the rocks north of Kaikoura, and huge bird colonies re-established to the south.  It was difficult to take many photos of the damage as we had to move through in convoys where the rebuilding work was continuing.  In Kaikoura township itself, they were using container shops brought in from Christchurch.  Ironically, the day after we travelled through, the roads were closed again by more slips brought down by the storm.

9 thoughts on “THE EARTHQUAKE COAST…

  1. As Brits with family in NZ and who frequently visit, it was so sad to learn of the earthquakes along this stretch of coast. We used to be regular visitors to Christchurch, before and after the earthquakes there.

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