I keep wondering
how hard it must have been
for a virgin
and a first-time father
to birth that baby
so long ago
when the Son of God
came into the world
bloody and bawling

no clean sheets
or boiling water there
but maybe someone
who acted the midwife
perhaps the innkeepers’
sympathetic wife
or perhaps not

and later
when Herod, in a rage
resorted to genocide
they became refugees
no home
no family
there in Egypt
doing the best they could
just to survive

and now we see
the Christ-child once again
in Bangladesh
in Syria
wherever evil men
seek power at any cost
each anguished face
each crying child
He is there…

© Maureen Sudlow

(I used some indents on the original of this but unfortunately WordPress keeps removing them)

18 thoughts on “REFUGEES

  1. Love your verse and the thoughts that lie behind it . . . God keeps coming to us and we continue to put as many obstacles in his way as we can possibly find. Still, he perseveres . . .

  2. I have tried writing poems in Notepad and then used copy paste to put them in WordPress; sometimes the format remains the same; sometimes it doesn’t. 😦 It’s vexing. Your poem is lovely and meaningful even without the indents.

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