TANGIWAI (in memory of KA949)

Christmas shattered
in mud and twisted steel

drowned voices lost
among the river stones

shriek of iron
and a train whistle

blowing, blowing

This place on the Whangaehu River was prophetically named – Tangiwai has the meaning of weeping waters – and on Christmas Eve 1953 a rim of Ruapehu’s crater gave way, releasing a lahar of mud, rocks and water down the river, just as the Wellington to Auckland night express was approaching.  There were heroic efforts to stop the train before it reached the bridge where the lahar had washed away one pier, but in vain.  Many of those on the train were heading home for Christmas, and over the following days searchers found mud-soaked presents and toys among the twisted wreckage and bodies.  Four of the carriages were destroyed in the torrent.  151 passengers and crew died.

7 thoughts on “TANGIWAI (in memory of KA949)

  1. This brought back so many memoirs. First I lost a teenage friend in this very sad accident. Second, my husband was in the Air Force (Ohakea) at the time and as a signal personnel, much communication came thru them. We had been married a few months and so no Xmas break for him that year. And last, my sister and her husband lived in a village nearby (name escapes me at the moment) but they had a taxi service and garage and therefore became involved in movements in and out. Sad memories. Incredible photos

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