You are never far from a mountain in New Zealand.  Ruapehu was lurking on the horizon as we travelled between Whanganui and Bulls yesterday.  Snow on the mountain and a misty sky meant it was difficult to capture, but I managed a couple of shots.  Loved the foreground in this one as well, with the yellow flowers and fences.

the mountain

7 thoughts on “THE MOUNTAIN II

  1. If I were not so old already I would emigrate to New Zealand in a heart`beat . . . From what I’ve seen it is a spectacularly beautiful place with exceptionally kind people. You are blessed!

  2. Maureen,
    I often dream of mountains… these are the sights I grew up with, sheep and cattle yards, the sheds, fences, and always the mountains in the background. I love the Netherlands, and celebrate many things in the culture here, but the flatness of the landscape gets to me sometimes.

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