A response to D’verse poets to write something that ignores the rules of grammar – so freeing…

out leaving full stops
over easy but commonly needing
mixed metaphors on
a coloured background
gives words summer sun
and mills winds
on blown hills
there rabbits run fastly
in blue ocean deep
and sucked in wind
where climbing is steep
so grows the corn

(Van Gogh’s View From the Wheat field)

24 thoughts on “CORNY

  1. Mills winds – missed that one on the first read; like how you turned it inside-out. There is a playfullness in these lines and I love the word ‘fastly’ and what it does to the overall tone. Of course, you get applause for choosing that picture.

  2. “over easy but commonly needing / mixed metaphors on / a coloured background” Somehow this prompt, and your poem in particular, goes well with Van Gogh. His thinking, his art, and the mixed grammar. I love the word play of this.

  3. Well done. Enjoyed the imagery and word placement here…most especially this line
    “over easy but commonly needing” That line made me smile 🙂 Would that we all could be “over easy.” Reminds me of my dad….he always made his eggs this way and said it was because he liked to look down at his plate every morning and see a smile 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Maureen. You’re corny alright! I took the challenge, unscrambled a few of the word-structures, and I think I got the picture (most of it anyway)! Is that what you call “free-lance writing”?.

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