for dVerse Poets

We have a smaller garden now that is far from perfect.  Gardening here is fraught with peril.  We plant seedlings, only to have them immediately dug up by the neighbourhood cats.  We have tried everything – cat repellent, cayenne pepper, bark chips, rocks – you name it!  Unfortunately it seems that many of our cat-owning neighbours are not much into gardens, so ours becomes a magnet for cats seeking easy digging.  Consequently there seem to be more rocks than plants in our garden.

We also have an old, rusted corrugated iron fence that most would call ugly, but the textures on it fascinate me.  And the plainest of plants have a beauty of their own, casting green shadows in the evening.

not always in the eye
of the beholder


  1. Yes, that’s a problem we have also with all the neighbours cats, we don’t have a cat that is the problem, if we did the other cats wouldn’t be there.

  2. I have a cat and she does nothing to deter other interlopers. Her sister did when she was alive. She even escorted the dogs away. The plant is quite beautiful, especially the way the shadow reflects off the corrugated iron. You’re right, all plants have a beauty of their own. Liked the Haiku as well

  3. That gorgeous photo does so well to illustrate the beauty of Wabi-Sabi in your haibun, Maureen. I too love the textures and colors of rust, erosion and aging. I guess the same could be applied to people, too. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. (Hint: our dogs chase off the neighboring cats!)

  4. My own cat has all the space in the world available to her, yet whenever a new piece of turf is worked over for planting that’s where she’ll go and do her thing! If it’s a new seedling it gets covered until it’s strong enough to withstand the weather and the cat’s administrations. Maybe adopt the neighbourhood cats? Your zen-like garden with that corrugated iron fence is beautiful.

  5. I love the green evening shadows and I can sympathise with the cat situation. A neighbour has strung a piece of string between two poles, about cat-height from the ground, and hung a metal cat-shaped silhouette from it that moves in the wind. It seems to keep all the neighbourhood cats out if his garden ☺

  6. So many of the poems have been about gardens. I wonder if that’s because of secret guilt that they are not ‘perfect’? I had to smile at the idea of your garden being destroyed by cats. You should try a dog 🙂

  7. I haven’t planted a real garden for years .. the slugs discouraged me. The last two years I have ‘container’ gardens on our deck. No slugs! The containers are bags of soil … I planted directly into the bags and poked holes for drainage. They dry out fast but I have great cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

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