Not doing much at the moment – winter blues…

Winter, and I’m playing with my camera settings.  Finally biting the bullet and learning not to use automatic all the time, but sometimes I wish these modern cameras didn’t have so many bells and whistles.  At my age bells and whistles are more challenging.  Still, I have to be able to control something in my life – failed with Rod and the dog…

and golden leaves
on the grapevine

19 thoughts on “EXPERIMENTAL

  1. Nicely done! Once you get a handle on those settings, you will be happy with the results.
    I agree though, that there is so much to learn.
    I don’t use automatic much, but I tend to stick with the settings that i know and need to explore beyond them

  2. what a stunning photo Maureen!
    I agree these modern appliances, etc. all have way too many features to possibly remember. overwhelming us when we are not familiar with them to begin with.
    I do keep camera on just one mode all the time, its always set to AV. its where i set the aperture. camera does the rest.
    when its on auto, i am never happy at all.
    Your Winters are a lot colder! but I sure love your misty foggy pics you take 🙂 cheers, Debi

  3. My DSLR sits on sports mode 90% of the time, I take several shots and keep what I’m happiest with. In low light keep your finger on the shutter and rattle off 6-7 shots, 1-2 will be in perfect focus, delete the fuzzy ones. I’m loving the grape leaves… well done!

  4. I think of trying new things as building up those brain cells. All good stuff. Good luck with the camera. I too am a bit too comfortable with the automatic setting. One day. Maybe I’ll just see how it goes with you.

  5. Your photos are always beautiful, Maureen, as are your poems and prose. My camera is about 13 years old now, and I still don’t know how to use most of it. 🙂

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