for dVerse poets:

seasonal posts from northern climes
turn on their heads down here
in the antipodes
where autumn rules
instead of spring
your days are stretching
getting warmer
and here the night grows long
and dark
before the winter winds

blow cold from
the Antarctic ice

24 thoughts on “SEASONAL QUADRILLE

  1. The best friend I’ve never met lives in Perth, Australia (and I in the U.S.), and we daily compare the contrasts in our worlds. She tells me it has been unseasonably hot of late there. Mother Nature seems a bit disoriented this year, does she not? Your words are a good read! Thank you

  2. I have a nephew in New Zealand who updates Facebook with the most amazing photographs – a reminder that the seasons are reversed down under – and your Quadrille encapsulates that so well, Maureen. I love the opening lines and the way you move from our weather to the expected winter winds – those last two lines made me shiver!

  3. It is a mystery how when I’m down you’re up, and when you’re down I’m up. I think God made love this way, that we should be companions suited to stand side`by`side with each other in the Garden . . .

  4. I’m smile as I (coming here from your “like” on a poem about longing for spring) read about the seasonal change to autumn for you. Isn’t it wonderful to be so in touch with the upside-down parts of our world. I always enjoy these glimpses of your world, Maureen!

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