…an elephant or a cow?

Our Kenyan Pastor related some interesting information this morning.  He claimed that you could always tell when an elephant had been near your tent (as if you wouldn’t know!?) because their droppings are half full of undigested grass and leaves.  This is why elephants have to take in far more food than they need.  They waste a lot by only having one rather inefficient stomach.

Cows, on the other hand, have a series of four highly diversified stomachs to thoroughly process what they take in.  Plus, they are able to regurgitate and chew their cud while resting.

The question is, are we as Christians, elephants or cows?  Do we graze briefly on God’s Word but neglect to process it in any way?  Or do we, like the cow, process it by taking in, reviewing and revisiting so that we reap the full benefit and value of what we are reading?

Of course, there’s the other aspect as well – what comes out of the elephant is of little use, except maybe to dung beetles.  But the cow, as well as providing for its own needs and the needs of its calf, also provides generous food for others…

Worth thinking about.

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