RIVER CROSSINGS for dVerse poets

Crossing the Dargaville Bridge over the Northern Wairoa River on a misty morning is an act of faith.  From the middle of the bridge onwards there is nothing but damp cloud, and one can never be sure whether the road actually does carry on to the far bank.  Then there are the reflections beneath that seem to point to some subterranean city, populated at the very least by mermaids, and possibly pirates.   As always, it lends some excitement to our journey.

of solidarity


(apologies – I couldn’t seem to get past another haibun – maybe next time)

50 thoughts on “RIVER CROSSINGS for dVerse poets

  1. I love haibuns….any day of the week! 🙂 A good description of this bridge….sometimes enveloped by fog creating a possible subeterranean world beneath. I’m reminded of the mythology of trolls beneath their bridges….
    Glad you posted with us today!

  2. There’s just something about bridges, isn’t there? Maybe it’s in the tangibility of seeing both where we’ve been and where we’re going. Love this haibun, Maureen.

  3. Oh Goodness.. Bridges
    leaDinG into fog
    or sea..
    of a nightmare
    that used to
    replaCinG once
    dreAms oF FlyINg
    Free.. hmm.. noW
    i luciD wake dreAM..
    water air sWiMflies me..:)

  4. That image is really spooky. It would be startling to meet someone coming in the opposite direction who just pops out of the mist. Very creative that you stirred the reader’s imagination with excitement by describing the fantastic possibilities hinted by the bridge’s reflections. Nicely done! ❤

  5. I think I’d avoid that bridge on a foggy morning. When I was a child I had a book about Billy Goat Gruff who lived under a bridge. Maybe this is the one! The photo accentuates your description! Bravo

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