Sometimes, as a child, and I cannot remember why, I would be at home alone in the dark.  They must have been brief interludes, but from my perspective then they seemed drawn-out.  The old house appeared to mutter and seethe around me, shadows moving in from the corners.  I felt exposed and vulnerable, and always I would go outside into the warm darkness where I could hide.

the darkness
of isolation

11 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVES a haibun

  1. I have a recurring nightmare in which I run from dark room to dark room, unable to turn on any of the lights. Safety is to be found outside, under the stars. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Maureen! ❤

  2. The rare times I was left ‘home alone’ as a young boy I would worry and wait and finally wonder if Jesus had come back and had somehow taken everybody but left me behind: I’d get on my bicycle and race through town trying to catch up . . . But it never worked! Everyone always eventually came home . . .

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