These latest earthquakes here in New Zealand made me think again of my last visit to my own shattered city.  A sad visit, but heartened by the resilience of the people there.  Pop-up container malls, bright paint everywhere, and the trams are running.

from the ashes

My thoughts are with the people of Kaikoura and all the other places badly affected by our 7.8 quake.  Kia kaha New Zealand.

The following photos are of some of the damage done to rail and road in the Marlborough shake – taken by photographer Tim Burt.




12 thoughts on “THE SHAKING EARTH…

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  2. My friend at the lavender farm in Kaikoura only took over the business fairly recently. Do hope her business will not be too badly affected long term. She is a doughty Scot, so should fight on.

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