53 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE

  1. Glad you’re okay, Maureen. We’re fine too. Didn’t get much sleep last night but, as you say, Kaikoura and Wellington seem to be hardest hit, so we’re not complaining. Sleep well.

  2. Maureen,
    I know you are in the North Island, but you may of course have family and friends in the affected areas. I hope that they are all ok and safe.
    My prayers go out for the two people that we know of so far that lost their lives and anyone who may have been injured. Some of the small towns near the epicenter are still cut off so we are waiting to hear if everyone is ok there. Stay strong, be prepared, hug one another, quakes are scary. xoxox

    • We certainly felt the shake strongly here in Whanganui, and hoping that the aftershocks will continue to decrease – my son lives in Waikanae and Wellington was badly affected. It seems the movement was in a northerly direction. Helicopters and a navy ship are preparing to evacuate people from Kaikoura, which is completely cut off.

  3. We saw film on tonight’s news about the earthquake: can only say we thank God for news that you and yours are all OK . . . Grace, Mercy, and Peace!

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