On a journey into nostalgia through the Manawatu, the greenness of the hills, the lush valleys, we arrive at the beginning of the Manawatu Gorge, a place of family memories, old slips and history.  The Gorge abounds with stories of hauntings – old Barney the road-man, the coach and four that went over the edge and still gallops through on moonlit nights.  And our own stories of skirting slips and of car-sick children.  We stop for a while at the start of the track to take some photographs.  With a sudden shine of blue and green a Tui alights on the flax in front of us.  This time he waits while I raise my camera.

blessings along the way
summer gift

30 thoughts on “FOR HAIBUN MONDAY

  1. I love this journey into nostalgia, Maureen: a taste of New Zealand through your haibun and the lens of your camera, with legends and personal stories merging into one!

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