Went to the city yesterday for all sorts of reasons.  Our old mantle clock has been unhappy since our shift, losing time and striking the hour out of sync, and we made an appointment for it to to be given a birthday.  We also intended visiting family while we were there.  I love driving through the countryside here, rolling green hills dotted with sheep, and old buildings everywhere.  We were held up for a time by road works, which I didn’t mind because it meant I could get more photos out of the car window.  Some of the banks beside the road were covered by purple flowers – Statice (Limonium) I think – but I couldn’t capture them because at that point we were going too fast…next time I’ll get them.  But the city was lovely, full of colour and blossom.

just stopping
among spring flowers
soul soothing

for dVerse poets haibun Monday – although I have to confess that it’s Tuesday here now.

34 thoughts on “HAIBUN MONDAY

  1. What a delight to ride through the countryside and marvel at those lovely blooms ~ Spring is your season – love the soul soothing ~ Happy Tuesday to you ~

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