2 thoughts on “EVENING FALLS…

  1. Oh man, this is smart writing! I think people miss out on the depth of expression that can be featured in micro-poetry. I mean, the word “evening” alone is so much more than sunset. You’re talking about an “evening out” of things that have been off-balance. There could be a touch of Eve’s presence in this. Lights coming on is not only about house lights (which represents families, neighborhoods, streets, towns), but it’s also about sudden realizations in the brain … “getting it,” so to speak. Understanding coming to a person.

    I’ll spare you my sexual interpretation. 😉 Oh, I have to tell you. … The first line actually might say “one bi one,” which makes me imagine lights having genders and sexual preferences. Then I’m picturing artificial lights “coming-on” evening him-/herself.

    I know, I’m nuts. But I see what I see, and I can’t seem to stop saying what I think. 😛

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