12 thoughts on “WORD CAPSULES

  1. I am reading Joy Cowley’s Memoir “Navigation” at the moment and loving it. Her words here struck me today “…….but often an inner quiet is the beginning of story. A rhythm of words begins to vibrate in the silence, and then ideas coalesce, bonding, changing shape, taking on new life……” How appropriate are those pencils, their sharp ends buried in the dry earth, to a dry spell.

  2. Maureen,
    The pencils are WONDERFUL!!!!
    As for moving… take some time out from unpacking boxes and just go somewhere new in your new area, sit quietly and see if anything inspires you. Scribble down tiny jottings of single words and phrases and see if from some of these “seeds” more things grow… most of all, give it time, relax and let it come. (we love your photographs in the meantime!) 🙂

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