I’m almost ready to pick up the thread again.  We’ve been in our new house for a week and there are tradespeople coming out our ears.  Heaps to do – wiring, plumbing, and we’ve put in a heat pump.  I’m glad that last item has been done as the weather here in New Zealand has done an absolute dip into winter again!  I am not a lot of use at the moment as my ribs are bruised at the very least – Bert suddenly jerked his lead to chase a seagull and I landed flat on my side.  Still, it only hurts when I breathe!  A couple of lovely surprises when we arrived – I was rung to say we’d won a raffle for a quilt, and on the first night when we were feeling cold, marooned and far from home we looked out the window and saw a cross lighting the sky not too far away.  We’ve ascertained that it is on the side of a big water tower.  Loved it.  Don’t want to write too much and bore you all silly on my first day back, but I’ve put in a couple of photos – of the family together for once, and of that wonderful quilt.  Look forward to catching up with you all.

…If I’m looking a bit stressed, it’s because I was.

Hope to get you news of how Bert has coped – next time.


16 thoughts on “ALMOST HERE…

  1. Great to hear from you, and to hear that your new home is coming along. Sounds like Bert is settling in already trying to chase seagulls, but most unfortunate that your ribs suffered in the process. That quilt looks beautiful. I hope you will be settled down soon, looking forward to your posts and poems again when you are ready.

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