We were good at skeletons back then
hiding them behind closed doors
pulled curtains.

We were good at pretending
that we were okay
covering our ears to close out the pain

hoping that the neighbours never noticed
and that no-one, ever, looked under the carpet

7 thoughts on “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS

  1. wonderfully, written and described Maureen.
    its so true. and yet, strangely… I still hear myself talking about those ‘good ol’ days’
    very good post!! 🙂 cheers, Debi

  2. Love the photo (how the distance disappears into the mist) Your poem got me thinking about all those things we often don’t “show” people. From shame..embarrassment…and pain. xo

  3. In the lives of most people I know, the hesitancy to talk about ‘elephants in the room’ is much as it was when I was young . . . ‘Fogging’ is what psychologists call redirecting the conversation away from the comfortable . . . Thanks for shining a light on what is an inherently human characteristic!

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