Storm clouds gathered in more ways than one yesterday.  First of all I discovered that Windows had started downloading Windows 10 onto my computer while I was away from my office, and I was a bit reluctant to stop it at that stage for fear of doing further damage.  I knew it was going to be a problem with some of my software, which was the reason I kept turning down their free offer.  Sure enough, I am having untold trouble with my photography downloads.  Still working on that but I did manage to get some down through a tortuous process – so here is my mood…

10 thoughts on “STORMS ON THE HORIZON

  1. I had Windows 10 download itself on to my computer after I connected to Telecom’s fibre optic internet – at their telephoned insistence. When the new connection was completed I checked my emails and went on to our library website to renew a book. As soon as my account window came up Windows 10 rushed in. It took well over an hour to download, and I could not see how to stop it. My computer demanded all sorts of restarts and updates for the rest of the day, which meant I had little use of my computer fr that day. I had not accepted downloads previously as I was not sure what it would do to my programmes. Fortunately I have been able to work my way around it so far.
    I hope you get sorted out with downloading your photos.

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