We often pass these old yards on our morning walk, and I hate the noise and the dust when there are cattle in the yards…

These old yards are not the best
for cattle passing through.
The wood is worn
the concrete hard
and not much of a view.

I hate to see the cattle there
away from all they know,
wondering what’s in store
when it’s their turn to go.


5 thoughts on “COW’S EYE VIEW

  1. We called them the stockyards here in the states. I remember walking the high walkways with my Dad over the cattle as they were waiting to be sold to the packing houses. I always thought it would be far more humane for the packers to view the livestock on the ranches, but for them, not for the livestock.
    The animals had already been stressed once when they were loaded into the 18-wheelers for the trip to the stockyards. I always loved to watch the operation as a kid but I never appreciated the commerce or non-humane approach that went with it.

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