The Last Post
tears recalled the ones
who waited

Flag-draped coffins
wheeled from the gape
of a Hercules
all that was left.
The flag drops slowly.

Vietnam, I remember
just another separation
one of many.

And now
Anzac reminds me
that I miss
those people
that place
who we were.

© Maureen Sudlow


6 thoughts on “ANZAC

  1. Yes, we will remember those who answered their nation’s call and answered with their lives . . . Blessings on all who lost loved ones, and blessings on all those who remind us to remember them!

  2. It’s those moments that silence that leave me in awe. Could I share a poem I wrote yesterday about service at our church that morning.

    Sonnet for St. Andrews’ Honours Boards
    Anzac Service 2016

    As season turns to autumn pay homage.
    Raise eye to thirty six names written.
    In silence, another honours’ list listen.
    A remarkable leader, duly acknowledge.
    Sometimes in pairs family names read.
    Five thereof, plus a group of brothers three.
    Great the loss within one small community.
    These are the names of the brave overhead.
    Red poppies lodged on the honour boards.
    Awesome beauty and respect in our silence.
    Of their sacrifice, we who live are their wards.
    That all know, a peaceful world, seek guidance.
    Sound anthems: Make me a channel of your peace.
    Reflecting on our loss, efforts never cease.

    Benita H. Kape © 24.4.2016

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